Yoga For Kids: What to Know

Should I Allow My Child to Take Yoga?

by Morgan Sliff

In a world inundated with endless hours of screen time, you may have thought of yoga as a new and wholesome outlet for your child. But most of the yoga classes you’ve seen are chock-full of seemingly expert adults—so is it appropriate and beneficial for your kid to take yoga classes?

The truth is, kids’ yoga classes at schools, after-school programs, and yoga studios are springing out of the ground like bamboo, and for overwhelmingly positive reasons. Let’s see why yoga classes can be a useful life tool for your child and how they may bring more harmony into your household.


Benefits of Yoga for Kids

For our little ones, life can be tough at times. There is an overwhelming number of teens and young children with early-age emotional disorders and trouble at school, and according to the CDC, nearly 20% of children are obese.

Anyone who’s taken vinyasa flow knows how much punch a yoga class can pack, with fat-burning elements that help to promote building lean muscle and flexible tendons. But a dedicated yoga practice not only caters to the fitness and flexibility side of the coin, but it also provides immense value in its organic behavioural teachings.

The intense concentration, inner realizations, and non-competitive atmosphere can guide children toward a new realm of self-discovery and healthy curiosity, potentially helping to balance emotions and open their mind to learning how to properly react to and rise above stressful situations.

Plus, a well-crafted kids’ yoga class will undoubtedly produce sweat, and activity instigates an onslaught of the body’s feel-good chemicals, serotonin, dopamine, endorphins, and more.

This combination of health-promoting poses, breathing practices, good feelings, concentration, and self-development tactics could be exactly what your child needs to tip the needle towards better well-being.


Kid-Friendly Yoga Poses

Want to start your kids’ yoga adventure at home? Here are a few level one poses to help ease your child into the world of yoga.

easy yoga poses for kids cobra pose


Cobra Pose

Your child can find spine-strengthening elements and asthma-relieving benefits in this level one pose.

easy yoga poses for kids easy pose


Easy Pose

Calm the mind while stretching knees and angles. At first, your kiddo may think that this is a simple way to sit, but they’ll find out there’s more to the easy pose.

easy yoga poses for kids extended side angle pose


Extended Side Angle Pose

Your child will find a deeper stretch and an opportunity to refine their balance with the extended side angle pose.

easy yoga poses for kids downward dog


Downward Facing Dog

One of the most recognized poses in yoga can offer your child an all-over stretch coupled by strengthening benefits.

easy yoga poses for kids happy baby


Happy Baby Pose

Gently stretch the groin and spine while calming the mind. Your child will likely get a giggle out of this pose, too.


A note from our Founder, Franciska:

"Practicing yoga with my kids is my favorite thing on Earth. It’s wonderful to watch how those fidgety little bodies can transform into focused, calm beings. Witnessing those magical moments when you see them connect their bodies and minds and become present are eye-opening.

We live such a fast moving lifestyle. It’s our job to teach the next generation how to move inward, meditate and let go.

My greatest teachers are my kids. I learn from them every day."


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