Aura Colors and What they Mean

Did you know that your aura is a special color? And that color can give you valuable insight into your personality or can get you more in tune with the life path you’re currently moseying down.

Every one of us has a unique aura—the colored human energy field that emanates from our bodies. We all radiate low levels of electricity, and this emergence makes an outline around ourselves, originating from the chakras that run from our head to the base of our spine.

Basically, we broadcast ourselves and our personalities like radio stations, in colors our eyes can’t see.

Here are the main aura colors and what they may be able to tell you about yourself:

Blue Aura

If your aura is a mighty blue, it’s an indication of strength, intuition, and a balanced approach to emotional responses. Someone with a blue aura can be considered emotionally mature and may handle a range of tribulations better than the average individual.

Red and Pink Aura

Red is a color connected with emotions and the physical body, and a primal color that emits strong feelings like passion, anger, love, and pride. The pink shade is an indication of shyness or vulnerability—perhaps falling in love. 

Orange Aura

Like a burst of sunshine, an orange aura proclaims happiness, joy, warmth, and energy. You can also find ambition and a heap of passion in someone with an orange aura and can be challenging for others to keep at your pace.

Yellow Aura

While different shades of yellow signify different meanings, overall, a yellow aura is one of great joy and fulfilment. Those with yellow aura are typically satisfied with their life, possessions, and surroundings, and they’re easy to please. In essence, yellow auras are happy campers and spread positivity wherever they go.

Green Aura

If you’re in a state of renewal or healing, such as a new job or moving on from a previous relationship, your aura maybe green. A green aura is predominately a color of health, healing, and comfort, and those with a prevailing green aura could be considered healing entities.

Black Aura

Some may think that black invites evil spirits, but black isn’t necessarily a negative aura color. It’s an indication that a person has put up a blockade of protection, perhaps sealing themselves off because they’ve recently been hurt emotionally or physically. 

White Aura

White auras are reserved for those with the highest spiritual awareness. The color white is quite prevalent in yogis, gurus, counsellors, and those who have undergone a number of spiritual teachings. They’re often centred, aligned, and have a higher understanding of life and its complexities.

Violet Aura

Violet is a curious aura, full of inquisitiveness and a yearning to learn. The information a violet aura gathers helps you to build a better version of yourself and puts you on a path that shepherds to understanding more about you and those around you. As you grow, your spiritual self grows in the process.


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