Welcome to the World of Aura7 Activewear where SEXY meets SUSTAINABLE. We believe that beautiful, buttery-soft design doesn’t have to be harmful for the environment. Our hand-crafted garments are made to celebrate the female body and highlight it’s unique and beautiful shapes, but most importantly, each piece was created with love and respect for our planet.

Our mission is to create a more sustainable fashion industry and bring awareness to the plastic problem in the oceans and landfills.
Every time you make a purchase you have the power to make an impact on our planet.

Aura7 Activewear was designed for the active woman to make her feel sexy, confident and powerful, no matter where her journey takes her. But also to give her the chance to be kind to the Earth and be proud of her clothing that she is wearing.

Our products are sewed in Orange County, California. It is important to us to know that every single person in the process of creating Aura7 Activewear was treated fairly with respect at a safe workplace.