My name is Franciska. I’m the founder and creative director of Aura7 Activewear. I live in Southern California, where I spend my days teaching, practicing yoga and living an active lifestyle. I spend most of my time in yoga clothing, and a few years ago became aware of the problem with fashion and particularly activewear: our clothes are not wearing well on the Earth.

Sustainability has been a huge part of my daily life and my decision making. Taking care of my body by practicing mindful yoga, and meditation, eating organic food purchased from local farmers has been part of my daily routine for over a decade. The only missing piece of the puzzle was my clothing. In constant search of sustainable options that were also stylish and sexy, I realized they were hard to find. So, one morning I decided it’s time. Time to create a revolutionary activewear, where sexy meets sustainable.
Welcome to the World of Aura7 Activewear!