5 Steps to Bringing More Positivity Into Your Life

Do you have one of those friends who can’t ever manage to frown? They’re constantly cheery, never speak ill of others, and skip through life like bubbly rays of sunshine. But they’re not actually magical creatures—they’re still normal people with normal life stresses and difficulties. So exactly how do they let everything roll off their high-spirited shoulders?

If you’re easily stressed or sad, perpetual happiness and positivity aren’t out of your reach. You simply haven’t been applying the right methods to turn your frown upside down.

Use the following five steps to unearth a more positive you. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll be staring at a half-full glass!


Turn Negatives into Positives—And Focus on the Positives


When you take a negative thought or emotion and sift through the weeds to find a miniature piece of gold, you’re effectively converting negativity energy into positive emotions.

Practice this treasure hunt with every negative thought or feeling you have. Mad at yourself for gaining weight? Now you have the opportunity to get outside and exercise more. Spilled red wine all over your white shirt? It made for a few laughs, and that shirt didn’t fit right anyway.

Even if a negative produces a few other negatives, find a positive somewhere in the muck and hold onto it tightly.


Give Yourself a Daily Dose of Gratitude


Positivity and happiness are forged by consistency. Schedule a time for a daily dose of self-love, and tell yourself—out loud—something great about yourself every day.

Instilling a bit of confidence through self-gratitude mantras could break you out of your funk and give you the spark you need to stay on the bright side of life.


Set the Negative Vibes Free


Study after study has found that negativity can be a contagion. Bad vibes spread from person to person, but guess what? So does positivity.

If you’re surrounded by negative family, friends, or partners, your gloomy emotions may be reinforced by those around you. Try to limit your interactions with or even completely cut out bad apples. You can’t waste your life surrounded by people that continually bring you down.


Find Sunshine with Literal Sunshine 


If you’re feeling especially down in the dumps, it’s time to slip on some cute activewear and soak up vitamin D. It’s recommended that people get 30 minutes of exposure to sunlight per day, and it’s been found that sunshine can help lift a sour mood.

Also, a bit of sweat is a big serotonin-booster. If you’re feeling negative and have been a couch potato lately, try putting together an outdoor workout regimen.


Set Realistic Goals and Work Hard to Achieve Them


Nothing is more gratifying than summiting a mountain peak—and by mountain peak, we mean an epic goal that you set for yourself.

Surpassing goals sets off the reward area in your brain, which activates serotonin production and funnels in hordes of positivity and happiness. Start with small, easy-to-reach goals and work your way up to big ones—but make sure that each goal is not out of reach.


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